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Our Simple Privacy Policy

Our website does NOT use cookies. When you visit or re-visit our website we don't collect any data that could identify you. However, we may detect your country or language so that we can present page content in your language and show prices in your currency. We may collect anonymous data such as count number of visitors in a specific period, number of page views etc. so that we can identify broken pages, maintain the website and know which pages are most popular etc.

None of the above could be used in any way to track you or identify you.

What personal data do we keep.

When you register your interest or use of any version of our software then we will store whatever contact details we are given as part of the registration process.

If you send any emails to us then those emails are stored for a period in the email 'InBox' of the recipient before being moved to an offline backup system. We never delete incoming or outgoing emails so they will be kept forever unless you ask us to delete them.

We offer a support forum where you can post questions which may be answered by our support staff or other site visitors. Any information you submit to the forum may be stored forever and be readable by any other site visitors. The forum does not require any registration or membership so functions anonymously and we would ask that you do not post any personal data on the support forum.

Why do we keep this data?

In most cases software is 'licensed' to the user. Not sold. We obviously need to hold users' contact details so that we can recognize and serve legitimate licence holders.

We will use your contact details, such as your email address, to complete the delivery of product and/or licence/activation codes etc. We may also use your contact data to send messages to you informing you of the expiry of any time limited licences, of newer versions of the software or of technical/recall/compatibility issues affecting your use of the software.

EMail is our preferred method of communication. We may refer to your previous emails if ever you contact us with support queries. For example a new support problem may be connected to a problem you had in the past and we'd be better able to assist in future if we can refer back to your previous support cases.

Sharing of data.

This one is simple. We don't do it. We never share your data with anyone else. The only exceptions would be:-

1. Data you post on the support forum is readable by other site visitors. Do not post personal data on the support forum. We may delete or partially delete any data you do post even if you do not ask us to do so.

2. In the course of delivering something to you we would obviously need to provide an address to the delivery service provider otherwise they wouldn't be able to complete the delivery.

3. Where there is a legal requirement under law to disclose data to a government agency.

Your rights.

You can contact the data controller/administrator asking us to tell you what data we hold and ask us to correct or delete that data if you wish.

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