Note: This is the version of remoDNC for Microsoft Windows. It should install and run just fine on Windows tablets but will not run on Android or other non-windows devices.

Download DNC Software Free Trial in 3 Easy Steps.

Step #1

Download our installer file to this computer.

It's is a small file that you can run straight away or copy to a USB drive, burn to a CD or copy to any other media for installation on other, non-networked, computers later.

After installation you'll find the Dnc Software startup icon on your Windows Desktop and in your Windows 'Start' menu. On Windows 8 a RemoDNC 'Tile' will also appear on the start screen.

Step #2

Click the key icon to get your free trial activation code (fully functional for 60 days)

Step #3

Download the PDF user guide (PDF icon below)

Download the PDF user guide (PDF icon on the right)

There's an online user manual [ here ] and CNC/DNC Settings/Parameters and Cable Diagrams [ here ]

This is the downloads page for DNC for MS Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.
If you're looking for DNC for Apple OSX go here.