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Starting and using Remo Server

At the Computer.

A Remo process can be started to serve one CNC machine. You can start a number of Remo server processes so that you can serve a number CNC machines at the same time.

To start Remo click the relevant CNC icon and select 'Remo Mode' from the menu. (If you don't see this option then you didn't enable it in Setup)

A Remo window appears and you see the status in the lower left corner of the Remo window. "Remo Listening". You can leave this window as it is if you want to observe it. Or you can size, position or even minimize it so you can do other things while Remo is running in the background. While Remo is listening you can do everything else at the CNC console.

At the CNC Console.

To save a CNC program to the computer simply punch/output the file. Remo is already listening so you don't need to do anything at the computer. Remo receives the file, saves it to disk and resets back to Listening mode.

The first few times that you do this we'd suggest going to the computer and looking at the file that was saved to make sure that the file name has been correctly identified and that the file is stored in the folder where you expected it to be. (Of course we're duty bound to suggest you always confirm files on the computer before deleting them from CNC memory)

To bring a file into the CNC you would edit your Runner program so that it contains the name of the file you want and Punch/Output the runner program then quickly switch the CNC to Input/Receive mode. Remo will receive and recognize the runner, open it, see the requested program name, load that program and send it to the CNC. When the transfer is complete Remo resets back to listening mode. (See setup pages for information about setting up your Runner program)

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