Remo setup

Open easyDnc setup and select the 'Remo' tab and then check the box to enable Remo.

Remo Reqst Tag

When Remo is enabled it's always 'listening' for data from the CNC. Such data would usually be an incoming file which will be saved to the CNC's default program folder. But when the CNC sends the Runner you need easyDnc to recognise it and read the instructions it contains.

The Reqst Tag tells easyDnc how to recognise the runner. This can be the program name. In the picture to the right you'll see we've entered O9999 as the Reqst Tag. We're telling easyDnc that we're going to use program O9999 as the runner. A typical Runner file looks like this:-


Save this file on the CNC and whenever you want easyDnc to send a specific program just edit the text between the braces and punch/output the file to easyDnc. This example tells easyDnc to load program 1234 into the CNC.

Note:- See more Runner examples on the following page.
Remo TX Delay
(Time period in seconds)

The length of time easyDnc will wait before sending the file to the CNC.

Remo RX Timeout (Time period is seconds)

When receiving a file that will be stored to disk this is the length of time
easyDnc waits at the end of file before closing the file and saving to disk.

Incoming Name Recognition

Prefix. Before a file from the CNC is saved to disk Remo scans the file to get the file name.The 'Prefix' tells Remo what character or symbol to look for. In many types of CNC this will usually be the letter 'O' as in our image above. For example a program received from the CNC containing the text O1234 would be recognised and saved to disk as O1234.TXT

In some cases though you may wish to save to disk using other text. For example if you entered an opening brace ( into the prefix box and a file from the CNC contained the text O1234 (MYNAME) then Remo would ignore the real program name and save the file as MYNAME.TXT instead

Save with Prefix tells remo to include/exclude the prefix character in the filename.
Extension is appended to the filename when saved. O1234.TXT
The Extension
is also appended to file requests. So, if the CNC/Runner called for file 5555 then Remo will look in the default folder for a file called 5555.TXT

More detailed information on the following page