Detect DNC settings using 'Auto Detect'.

Auto Detect can usually detect the DNC settings automatically.

Select the relevant CNC icon and enter setup.

Then from the setup menu select “Auto Detect”.

When you select the “Auto Detect” option RemoDNC will open a receive window and display additional instructions specific to your version of RemoDNC..

The procedure is similar for all versions - After placing a RemoDNC task into Auto-Detect mode you go to the CNC and send/punch a sizable program file which RemoDNC will analyse.

It's quite normal to see strange characters and symbols as RemoDNC scans the incoming data. After a few seconds clear CNC code should appear. When Analysis is complete RemoDNC will return to setup mode where you can review and save the detected settings.

If the DNC settings could not be detected (clear CNC code does not appear) try sending the data from the CNC again. If settings can not be detected then you will need to configure RemoDNC manually using the setup window. You can get settings for many types of CNC at the website:-