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Topic:   Verify CNC send file received

By: PMDcPosted on: Aug 2 2017 at 11:47:19 AM
A customer of mine purchased RemoDNC a few years ago and has had great success with it! Thank you!

I have another customer that is currently using a high priced remote DNC software (I'll leave unnamed) and I would like them to switch to RemoDNC as well. However, their current software has a feature I cannot get them to move away from which is CNC files sent to the PC are verified at the CNC.

Their software allows them to do the following:
1. Send a file to the PC (same as RemoDNC)
2. Then immediately after this is done, they simply set the CNC to receive a file and they get a file at the CNC with a message stating "(File Received OK)"

Are there any plans to add a feature like this in the very near future or at all?


By: SupportPosted on: Aug 2 2017 at 12:17:18 PM
Hello PMDc,

So, if I understand correctly, the CNC operator sends a file to the PC to be saved on the computer and, once the file is saved successfully, the PC sends another file back to the CNC containing the text "File Received OK".

Is that what you mean ?

That file that is sent back to the CNC. Is it always the same file name/number? What happens if that file already exists on the CNC? (ie wasn't deleted after a previous transaction)

We do have that feature but it was hidden because it caused quite a few support problems. Usually because one operator enabled the feature in Remo setup and another user wasn't expecting a file or because the file already existed on the CNC, CNC throws an alarm and confused CNC operator didn't know what the problem was.

We disabled the feature a couple of years ago and you're the first person to ever mention it.

By: SupportPosted on: Aug 3 2017 at 10:08:57 AM
Hello PMDc.

I looked in the software and it's been so many years (versions) since we disabled that feature I just don't think we can re-enable it again without going through a whole load of development/testing. You really are the only person who's ever asked for it. I've put it into the suggestion box so it may get included in some future version.

On the other hand. Even if our software did meet your customer's requirements they've already paid for that other DNC software and it sounds like that other DNC software is working for them why would they want to spend more money buying another one?

By: GuestPosted on: Aug 9 2017 at 08:33:29 PM
Thank you for looking into this for me.

What you described is correct. The "Rec'd OK" or "Not Rec'd" file is always the same file. The operators know to delete it once it is rec'd even though their controls prompt to overwrite if it exists.

My customer has to pay a hefty, in my opinion, annual maintenance fee with an 8 machine limitation and this is the only feature keeping them from moving away from it. I think it's a silly reason considering the cost difference but that's me not them.

They are planning to purchase more machines so my hope is they change their mind.

Thank you for a great shop solution!

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Topic:- Verify CNC send file received

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