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Topic:   Thank you!

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 10 2017 at 07:46:53 PM
I want to express again my delight in working with you. As I am sure you have experienced, purchasing software sight unseen off of the internet is often a gamble. All too often the end-user is left to troubleshoot problems on their own. Your availability to me during this implementation has been stellar. I can't say enough good things about this experience.

Because RemoDNC works as it does, it is resolving some naming/filing irritations that we have had for MANY years.

In the past we had to rename our program files when passing them to the CNC. We would have them named alphanumerically one way within our file directories so we could recognize them but had to rename them numerically to pass them to the machine. This was doable but a real pain and time consuming.. With RemoDNC we can now pass these files directly to the machine. My CNC operators LOVE RemoDNC. It is very easy to use.

We have two tool rooms. The current facility where we have started our implementation is a very small shop with only the two CNC machines (Haas and Nakamura.) Over the next several weeks I will be installing and configuring RemoDNC to operate within our main machine facility. There is roughly 16 machines there. Currently we have two PC's running wirelessly on carts that the operators are rolling back and forth to the machines to upload/download programs.

I need to run some cabling and install some hardware, but once I do, the operators are going to be able to manage programs directly from their console. They are really looking forward to RemoDNC.

I am excited about installing this product in our other facility.

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Topic:- Thank you!

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