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Topic:   Received files to PC being altered

By: GHPosted on: Feb 22 2021 at 01:16:39 PM
When receiving a file from the CNC machine there are now some characters being replaced/added in the received file. The corrections below are found on the CNC before the program is sent to the PC.

X1p. Z7.

By: GHPosted on: Feb 22 2021 at 01:18:33 PM
Apologies - my text got chopped off. The rest of my text is below.

X1p. Z7. "p" should be a 0 [zero]
X0.95 M "M" should not be there

Any ideas what may be causing this?

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 24 2021 at 03:50:51 AM
Looks like data corruption. I mean data in the cab;e being corrupted. Could be cables too long or long cable running alongside some other electrical equipment.

But assuming it's been working correctly until recently then check the cable. The areas close to the connector or anywhere else it might move. If the cable looks good then see if you can open the connectors and check the solder joints. A dry solder joint may look good but can move very slightly. Sometimes just dabbing with a hot soldering iron fixes these things.

By: GHPosted on: Mar 5 2021 at 02:08:02 PM
Just wanted to follow up - we tried a new null modem cable and the issue was resolved.

By: SupportPosted on: Mar 9 2021 at 04:37:36 AM
Thank you GH. Good to know the problem is resolved.

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Topic:- Received files to PC being altered

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