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By: dougPosted on: Feb 8 2022 at 09:20:01 AM
i am a reseller and i have a customer whod like me to buy 10 easydnc license's.but i see in your check out stage that you want to know were these are going .do you need all 10 computer emails?how would it woerk for me too buy 10 and then resell them to my customer

By: SupportPosted on: Feb 9 2022 at 02:33:58 AM

The checkout has both billing and delivery addresses (if they're different). I assume you'd be making the payment (billing address) and ypur customer is the delivery address.

In fact nothing physical is delivered. Delivery is via email.

The email you give is used so that we can send the login data so that you can login to our website to collect your activation codes.

If you purchase multiple licences then you don't have to activate them all at the same time. There's no time limit so you can login and collect one of your licence keys at any time.

But, if you ask, we can also create a login for your customer which allows your customer to collect keys - for example if your customer is some distance away from you the customer can serve themselves.

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 10 2022 at 06:07:20 AM
so when the customer will logoin in to get the codes they will be able to add this software to 10 diffrent computers?

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 11 2022 at 01:58:35 PM
It's a very simple process.

You download and install the trial version on to each computer.

The trial version is fully functional but is limited to 60 days.

When you buy the software licences you can login to their website and collect licence activation codes.

You enter the activation code into a trial version of the software and it converts the trial into the full version that never expires.

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 11 2022 at 02:00:57 PM
When you buy the software the login info and address is emailed to you. You can collect the codes. Or you can tell your customer the login data and they can collect codes.

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