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Topic:   file transfer from computer to machine

By: ACE TOOL ENG INC. Posted on: Aug 1 2017 at 03:16:25 PM
I have a Hurco BMC50 we had a previous version of dnc which we had no issues with the transfer. My computer went bad so we upgraded and when we did the DNC requested an upgrade which my IT guy did but now my files will not transfer to my hurco. Im at a loss.

By: SupportPosted on: Aug 2 2017 at 12:29:31 PM
What happens when you try? Does the CNC throw an alarm immediately or does it sit for quite a while before timing out.

If it used to work but now it doesn't then do not make any changes to parameters at the CNC.

First thing to check is the com port number. New computer probably has different com port number. Go into RemoDNC setup and in the upper right corner of the setup window is the port number and just below that is a button "Detect Ports". Click that.

For other settings such as Baud rate etc. do you still have access to the old computer can you look at the settings in the dnc software? (Just the baud rate/ databits/Parity. Ignore the port number it's probably not going to be the same on the new computer)

Put the DNC software into receive mode (Not Remo mode, just normal receive) and go to the CNC and punch out a program. Look at the computer display. If it's 100% garbage then the baud rate is wrong. If it's around 20 -50% garbage (ie you can see proper characters in the proper place amongst the garbage) then the Databits/Parity is wrong.

Maybe do what I just said and take a screen shot and email it to us here. We may be able to say what's wrong.

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Topic:- file transfer from computer to machine

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