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Topic:   bcn34 fanuc 10t program downloading

By: ToddPosted on: Dec 27 2011 at 10:09:04 PM
I do not know the procedure to execute programs from a Miyano BCN34 with a fanuc 10t controller. Can you email it to me? We are attempting to use the trial version of your software. Thanks!

By: GuestPosted on: Dec 27 2011 at 10:41:08 PM
If you're asking how to drip feed a program from easyDnc then it's simply a case of preparing the fanuc ready to work, tool, workpiece etc ready to go, put it into Tape Mode and press cycle start on the fanuc. At that point the CNC doesn't do anything. Go to easydnc, select the program you want to run and press the Send button. As data starts to flow the CNC starts cutting/machining.

By: tomPosted on: Sep 16 2017 at 11:24:58 AM
roughing cycle g71 to g76

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Topic:- bcn34 fanuc 10t program downloading

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