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The compact download of EasyDNC Remo does not include any separate CNC Text Editor. You can download our "Free" Editor from the website dedicated to "cncCoder".


If you don't want to use cncCoder then we would suggest that you use Windows NotePad or some other plain/ascii editor specifically for CNC text. Do not use MS Word or Windows WordPad. If used incorrectly both of those tools can insert windows specific control codes, fonts and other formatting information that is not compatible with standard ISO/ASCII CNC text.

Use cncCoder just like Windows NotePad.

When you enable syntax highlighting cncCoder switches the display color instantly – this highlighting is only visual – it only affects the computer display. It does not change the actual file text in any way.

Syntax highlighting is fully configurable. Use any colors you want and highlight as much, or as little, as you want.

Each individual part of your CNC syntax can be configured separately.

As an example maybe you're editing something where you want to pay extra attention to the X values - Simply open the color picker, select 'X' followed by a color and 'Save' and every X value throughout the display area is instantly shown in the new color.

As mentioned previously this only affects the display within cncCoder - the colors or other formatting are not applied to the underlying CNC text so does not alter the format of your CNC files or affect the machining process.

cncCoder also includes the usual features such as 'Find' and 'Find & Replace'.

Remember, you can install the "Free" cncCoder on as many computers as you wish. No need to buy more DNC software when all you want to do is edit CNC text while you're away from your DNC workstation.

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