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Topic:   No Email Response

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 26 2017 at 02:47:24 PM
We are looking at your software as a DNC solutions but have questions. But can't get an answer to our emails.

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 26 2017 at 07:57:20 PM
Email to

support at remodnc dot com

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 26 2017 at 08:57:04 PM
I am trying to send an email but the address is not approved.

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 28 2017 at 09:47:24 PM
Don't know what you mean by 'not approved'.

Obviously replace the ' at ' with '@' and replace 'dot' with a dot.

By: GuestPosted on: Jan 28 2017 at 09:48:04 PM
Try support at easydnc dot com

By: GuestPosted on: Apr 29 2017 at 10:21:01 PM
CNC text editor
GREAT TOOL can you please make it so it will print in color not just the screen

By: GuestPosted on: Jul 20 2017 at 04:57:08 PM
I cancelled my purchaser of your software because of no confirmation E-mail. You still charged me.


By: SupportPosted on: Jul 20 2017 at 06:09:00 PM
Todd. We didn't 'charge you'. You made the Payment via PayPal.

I won't go into detail about security checks here on the forum but there was something strange about the way the payment was made.

For security reasons your payment was flagged for manual processing. But then just a few minutes after making the payment you cancelled it again - I suspect you cancelled it because you knew it didn't look right from your end either.

Anyway. To cut a long story short - we didn't get your money.

Can I suggest that you log in to your PayPal account and look at the transaction to see where your money is. We don't have it.

By: SupportPosted on: Jul 20 2017 at 06:44:35 PM
Todd. Log in to your paypal account. Go to the area "Dispute Resolution". That should explain where your money is. It's possibly just waiting for you to confirm the cancellation/acceptance of the refund.

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Topic:- No Email Response

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